Alice Teagarden
As a lifetime artist and a painting instructor I have come to realize that what I love almost
as much as producing art is to share my enthusiasm for the possibility.

My influences are many. My grandmother was a professional artist and instructor with a masters degree in art.

Over the last 25 years, I 've been fortunate to have had art take me all over the world both as a painter and as an instructor.

- I was hired to paint flowers on Panama hats in Ecuador for L.L Bean, and to teach my technique to local artisans.

- I taught watercolor on a private island in Tahiti.

- I’ve taught art in Europe, Hawaii, South America, Mexico and all over the west coast of North America.

- Through the California Arts Council, I ‘ve instructed teachers from kindergarten through university levels.

- I have had the the pleasure of teaching children of all ages in both public school and private settings.
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